Hello, I’m Christine Nyland.

I have always loved to draw. I was trained as a traditional artist, by my father, who was an incredible artist and sculpture. I started learning to draw before I could read.

After, leaving home I moved around a lot.  So painting was impractical and I could only afford colored pencils and ball point pens, anyway.  After many adventures, I settled down had wonderful children and got a computer.

I purchased the computer with the idea that I would scan my artwork into it and make prints. What happen was, I received a free copy of Adobe’s Photo Deluxe 2.0 with my scanner. I started out editing my work and before long I learned the basic tools and started painting directly with the program. During this time I got a BA in Computer Science. Then started freelancing as a Web & Graphic Designer. Now over 20 years later I’m still at it.

My art is something I do for my own pleasure and I am often surprised when people like it. I also like fancy pigeons which is what the picture to the right is.

Peace, Love and Light